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Chris Watkins bio

The World is your studio...


Chris Watkins grew up in the Seattle area and has lived here all his life. As a kid he tried to learn Spanish, Chinese, and Russian. Years later he made a friend from Mexico in high school and he became fluent shortly thereafter. In college he studied to become a high school Spanish teacher. During college he was diagnosed with cancer and dropped out of school. Although he didn't go on to win a Tour de France, he was inspired by Lance Armstrong's story. Chris decided that his "comeback victory" would be the pursuit of his dream to be a photographer.

In spite of leaving behind his Spanish teaching career he still loves to travel to Latin America, speak Spanish. He continues to study other languages such as Italian, Portuguese, Hebrew, and more. By combining his passions of travel, languages, and photography, Chris has created his dream job of specializing in portraits on location. "The world is your studio, where do you want to take YOUR portraits...?

Chris' hobbies include:
Travel, weightlifting, cycling, hiking, foreign languages. He also likes to take lots of goofy self portraits, especially in airplane cockpits pretending to be an amateur pilot. (the plane was parked at the gate in case you were wondering)